Economy Special on Bounce Houses and Moonwalks

Can you believe that the first bounce house was called the Space Pillow?

That’s what John Scurlock named the vinyl material that covered tennis courts after seeing some of his employees jumping on it. John was a mechanical engineer from Louisiana and made 18oz vinyl into a bounce house. Today, inflatable bounce houses are called many different names by the general public. You will often hear them being referred to as moonwalks, bouncy castles, moon bounce, etc. Bounce houses are generally made with 18oz vinyl and are stitched with industrial threading. There are chambers inside called baffling that directs the air to keep the structure inflated. Over the years, your basic bounce house castle has evolved. Today you can rent or purchase a bounce house with many designs, from animals to construction designs, as well as, the most popular themes such as your Disney and Nickelodeon favorites. There are many manufacturers to purchase bounce houses from, as well as other types of inflatables. Most inflatables are manufactured in Asia and America. Bounce houses come in many different sizes, from the smaller 10’x10’ houses to the larger 20’x20’ houses. The most common sizes for rental companies range from 13’x13’ to 15’x15’. These units hold an average of 4-8 children at a time depending on the size of the inflatable. The most popular venues for bounce houses are generally at events where children are. You will find children at your local church or school for festive events and celebrations.

Bounce houses also work well to keep children busy at other types of events such as weddings, baby showers, and corporate events. Today, the most popular use for bounce houses are at children’s birthday parties. Due to the popular demand and the abundance of children’s birthday parties in every city across United States, many entrepreneurs took advantage of the opportunity to open the bounce house rental market. The bounce house rental companies purchase the inflatables at an average cost of $1,500 to $3,000 in hopes of renting the bounce house to the market at about $100 per rental. Some companies have a simple approach and operate their companies as a part time

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