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(Licensed Bouncy Castle Inflatable Party Games) – Full Day Rental (6 Hours) = Choose from selections below:


Can you make it through the Defender Dome? Run through the dome while outside attackers are throwing wrecking balls at you, attempting to knock you off of the disks!

Full Day Rental (6 Hours)
Only $595

Quarterback Challenge

Challenge your partner to see who is the best quarterback. The player that runs out of balls first, wins!
17’ long x 7’ wide x 9’ tall.

Full Day Rental (6 Hours)
Only $159

Hungry Hippo Game

The Hungry Hippo is not only challenging but highly interactive. Strapped to a bungee cord each player will challenge their strength while getting balls out of the center pit and returning them back to their individual ball bag. First player to fill the bag wins!

(2-4 Players at a time)

Full Day Rental (6 Hours)
Only $389

Wrecking Ball

  • Wrecking Ball bouncer for rent

Full Day Rental (6 Hours)
Only $259

3-Lane Bungee/Basketball

Enjoy 3-Lanes of Bungee pulling and basketball fun. Strength and accuracy is the key to winning this highly competitive game!

Full Day Rental (6 Hours)
Only $309

Joust Arena

This is the Ultimate Combat Game (Headgear Included).

Full Day Rental (6 Hours)
Only $259


Size: 45’L x 17’H x 16″W

From the game show Wipeout, a player must jump or try to run across 4-huge inflatable balls without falling. This is one of the most challenging games on the market. You will have everyone competing at your next event.

Full Day Rental (6 Hours)
Only $560

Full Court Press Inflatable

  • Full Court Press Obstacle Course for Rent

Compete against Your Friends! The shooter that runs out of balls first wins!

Full Day Rental (6 Hours)
Only $199

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