Water slide rentals by Xtreme Jumpers and Slides, Inc.

Looking for a better way to cool off in the hot summer months?

Introducing… The inflatable waterslide!

These inflatable slides can be massive and can send riders at a very high speed down a steep slide that brings a big splash. The waterslide is made of 18oz vinyl and put together with industrial thread. The structure of the slide is formed with interior baffling that creates chambers that hold the air to form the design of the slide. Inflatable water slides can come in many different sizes, themes, and shapes. Being that most inflatable waterslide themes are driven around water, most of the themes will consist of waves, rocks, and palm trees.

The color blue is generally always used in the making of the slide. There are many kinds of waterslides on the market, from single lane slides to double lane slides. The single lane usually has a wider sliding surface and allows for a single rider to go down at a time. The double lane waterslide allows two riders down at a time, but with their own narrow sliding lane. Waterslides also offer different ways to get to the top. There are stairs that go in the middle of the two lanes, stairs that are on the left side of the sliding lanes, stairs that are in the back of the slide that brings you to the front. The standard waterslides you find at backyard parties are generally one-piece slides that range from 12ft to 18ft tall with a pool at the bottom holding 12” to 18” of water. In the past 5 years, slide manufacturers have taken waterslides to a whole new level. Waterslides have become so large and popular that many hotels and resorts are buying them for the “wow” factor in extreme entertainment for their guests. These slides can be as high as 45ft tall and 170ft long.

The hotel chains and resorts felt this was a good way to entice guests to return to their establishment in the hot summer months. These waterslides are extremely heavy and difficult to move, so once they are installed, they stay. There are also large waterslides that are pushing the edge of mobility and are put on trailers across the US to be delivered to all sorts of venues. These waterslides are usually a 2-piece unit that includes the large slide, and an attached slip n slide. These slides can be as large as 35ft tall and 85ft long. Many manufacturers make these slides from all over the world, and they end up in rental fleets all across the globe.

These waterslides are measured from the bottom to the top of the façade. The sitting platform is where the rider sits before descending down the waterslide. In most cases, the average large slide has a 10ft façade at the top of the slide. There are several reasons that manufacturers do this. First, is it’s less expensive to make the slide using a lighter vinyl and no interior baffling in the façade because it isn’t a weight-bearing area. Another reason is the waterslide is a much lighter piece with the 10ft façade having no baffling and lighter vinyl. The better manufacturers have approximately a 7ft façade, which leaves the slide with roughly a 3ft higher sitting platform, which greatly increases the speed.

In the southern region of the United States, waterslide rentals are very popular due to long warm summers. There are many rental companies to pick from, but as mentioned earlier, not all waterslides are created equally. When renting your waterslide, be sure to ask if it is a single or double lane slide? Does it have a front or rear ladder? One-piece or two-piece unit? But most importantly, always ask how high the sitting platform is.

Waterslides can be a big splash for all ages and special occasions.


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